Tuesday 28 Apr 2015
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The Yellow River Delta is one of the three major Chinese river deltas. The Yellow River Delta faces numerous challenges in the context of global change. Impacts of industrial exploitation, urbanization, agricultural transformation, as well as climate change can all be felt and observed in the delta. On the one hand the delta hosts China’s second largest oil field, and the growing delta city of Dongying, surrounded by intensive aqua- and agriculture. One the other hand, large protected wetlands are breeding and resting place for migrating birds, which attract thousands of tourists annually.

New DELIGHT project results from all research fields online, April 2015

In the Results section of the project website, readers can find new results of the DELIGHT applied research project, which is conducted to support informed decision making in the context of water and land resource management in the Yellow River delta.

New staff in the field of information system development at DLR, March 2015

At the beginning of March 2015 DLR welcomed Ms. Juiwen Chang as new DELIGHT staff. Her field of expertise is software development and geographic information science. Ms. Chang will support the information system design and development as well as the data management of the Yellow River Delta Information System.

IGSNRR installed automatic measurement station in the Delta, November 2014

In November 2014, after the vegetation period ended in the Yellow River Delta, scientists of the IGSNRR and LREIS installed measurement equipment in the Yellow River Delta near the Yiqianer and Dawenliu nature reserve administration stations. An automatic measurement station was installed to monitor several soil parameters over the year. Water content, electric conductivity, temperature, in different soil layers, and groundwater depth, electric conductivity and temperature are measured every two hours and saved internally in the storage device.

DELIGHT Coordination participated in official Inauguration of the Sino-German Centre for Environmental Information Science, RCEIS, November 2014

The Sino-German Centre for Environmental Information Science, RCEIS, has been officially inaugurated at the premises of IGSNRR-CAS in Beijing on November 22nd 2014. Amongst others, former Chinese Vice Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. XU Guanhua was present. RCEIS is a Research Network, which is funded by the Helmholtz foundation, and which is coordinated by the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, IGSNRR, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS, on the Chinese side, and the German Environmental Research Centre, UFZ, on the German side.


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