Sunday 23 Nov 2014
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The Yellow River Delta is one of the three major Chinese river deltas. The Yellow River Delta faces numerous challenges in the context of global change. Impacts of industrial exploitation, urbanization, agricultural transformation, as well as climate change can all be felt and observed in the delta. On the one hand the delta hosts China’s second largest oil field, and the growing delta city of Dongying, surrounded by intensive aqua- and agriculture. One the other hand, large protected wetlands are breeding and resting place for migrating birds, which attract thousands of tourists annually.

Stakeholder took part in DELIGHT Annual Meeting that was held at DLR on September 23 rd, 2014

The local project stakeholder, Director from the Institute for Sustainable Development of the Yellow River Delta of Shandong Province in Dongying Municipality, took part in the DELIGHT Annual Meeting. He shared his opinion on the challenges of the Yellow River Delta, his future visions for the region, and ensured his support for promoting the Sino-German cooperation between his institute and the DELIGHT project.


DLR holds Stakeholder Training in Beijing, June 2014

DLR held a four day user training workshop in Beijing from June 9th to 12th 2014. The participants from the Yellow River Delta Sustainable Development Institute of Shandong Province and the Shandong Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve arrived from Dongying on Sunday, so the training could start on Monday.


BMBF Officials meet DELIGHT local project Stakeholder during delegation travel to Qingdao, April 2014

Officials of BMBF and the local Stakeholder of the DELIGHT project from Dongying district in the Yellow River Delta met in Qingdao, to plan the further continuation of the project as well as the research foci for the next two years. The talks led to a mutual understanding of local stakeholder demands and early on preparation of sustainable project implementation.

Workshop on YRD land salinization monitoring held at Binzhou, Shandong Province, March 2014

Scienctists involved in DELIGHT project from Chinese side held a meeting in Binzhou, located in the west of the Yellow River Delta (YRD), from March 6th to 8th 2014.


Experts from IGSNRR, Yucheng Comprehensive Experiment Satation, IRSA, and the local institutes participated in the meeting. The topics mainly focused on dynamic monitoring of land salinization using remote sensing and in situ observation techniques. The impacts of soil salt and groundwater level on the crop yields were also discussed.


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